Lynn Varuzzo - Owner of Blessings by the Pound

The idea for Blessings By The Pound came about one day as I was sitting with our little dog, Puppy.  As I was petting him, I closed my eyes and began a prayer of thanks for this little dog. It had been a rough year. My family was divided by divorce, my career ended, and a very dear friend who had just come back into my life was diagnosed (yet again) with cancer. But in this moment, all of my thoughts were peaceful. I began to remember that life is still good after all and my thoughts drifted to all that I had to be grateful for.  Puppy was indeed a blessing.  Because of our shared love for him, we began to heal. The arrival of our little dog Lilly was also perfectly timed. All of the pups in the collection have been pets, with the exception of Bella who is modeled after my dear friend Pat. I believe that God gives us lots of little gifts (blessings) to brighten our days here on Earth. But we can't count them if we don't give ourselves the time to see them.


I hope you will be inspired to think of the blessings in your own life. A grateful heart is a happy heart.


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