A grateful heart is a happy heart.

Each of our Blessings By The Pound pups represent a specific blessing; Love, Friendship, Kindness, Hope, and Faith.

Puppy is the Blessing of Love.

Puppy is the inspiration for Blessings By The Pound.  He was a gift to my daughter and came into our lives at just the right time. My daughter and I were going through a rough time but our common love for Puppy brought us closer again.  Puppy is Blessing of Love.

 Favorite things: his best friend Lilly, his sock (which is really my sock tied in a knot), napping, snacks, being sung to and rides in the car.

Lilly is the Blessing of Friendship.

Our little Lilly was born in a puppy mill.  She traveled in a car, a truck and an airplane to get to her new home where she was loved so very much. When we’re sad, she licks our tears away and when we’re happy, she spins in circles!  What I love most about Lilly is how much she loves us.  She’s the perfect little choice to represent the Blessing of Friendship.

Favorite things: her best friend Puppy, snuggling, laying in the sunshine and watching the birds outside her window.

Ciro is the Blessing of Kindness.

Ciro is a family dog.  He loves being around people and other dogs and he’s sweet and kind. After Ciro eats his own food, he always helps Puppy and Lilly finish their leftovers.  He’s also very careful not to step on them.  Sometimes, I think he would rather be a little dog because he tries to sit on our lap and do the things only little dogs can do.  But we think he’s just right! He's the best choice to represent the Blessing Of Friendship.


Favorite things: Tug-of-war and catch. Really, he just catches once, then it turns into a tug-of-war.

Bella is the Blessing of Hope.

Bella is an extra special Blessings By the Pound pup because she is modeled after a special friend, not a pet.  Bella loves sunflowers, pretty things and friendships. She is the Blessing of Hope.  Hoping is like wishing for things you want to have happen. Bella is a beautiful reminder that even if we don’t get exactly what we hoped for, we get beautiful friendships and blessings along the way.


Favorite things: Ribbons and pretty collars.

Tucker is the Blessing of Faith.

One of my first pets, Tucker is an Old English Sheepdog. He can’t always see where he’s going but he always finds his way.  Sheepdogs are faithful dogs known for protecting sheep and helping them get where they need to go. Even though we can't always see when we start out, the more dots we connect the more we see a beautiful picture.  Tucker is the Blessing of Faith.


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